Power of the FlowerBomb

To all the ladies in the place with style and grace!

imageOh heyyy First Lady..

So I know that as a woman in society, it can be tough. We are positioned under these glass ceilings and expected to “stay in our place”. Well, I am here to say FU*K THAT! Whether men want to admit it or not, women have POWER. 

I think it’s rather offensive that when people refer to women having power, it is usually restricted to our honey pot between our legs, or as I would call it le FlowerBombIn fact, it contradicts the fact that we have power at all. Sure, many men cannot resist the temptation of the immaculate creation that is WOMAN. But, we have so much more to be praised for. The following is my perception of what five fundamentals of a powerful woman are. Why five? Well, because five is a sexy number, duh.

Let’s go down the list, shall we?

  1. Self-love - The Numero Uno component every woman should have. If a woman loves herself, she does not need you. Read that again. No need to take offense, consider it mandatory. it is essential for any human walking this Earth to love themselves. Any woman that has taken the time out to love herself naturally is confident in her engagements. She will not make you feel trapped, you would feel privileged to have her.  There is a confidence in her aura that screams POWER. It’s in her walk, her talk, and her eyes. 
  2. Ambition - A major part of life is finding your purpose. A woman with goals and dreams, that’s cute. But a woman who is actually chasing those goals and dreams, that’s power. How easy is it to sit down and run your jibs about what you want to do? Too easy. An ambitious woman waits for no one, she makes it happen. Just be warned, ambitious women aren’t ones to play games. Be prepared to bring something of equal or greater value to her table before you sit down. That is to say, do not be one of those men boys who chat about wanting things in a woman of which you cannot even provide. •sips tea• 
  3. Independence - Miss Independent NEVER goes out of style. It’s all about self-maitenance, folks! The days where women were not adequate enough for jobs are long gone. In this day and age, an unemployed woman is simply not the business. You know that saying, “money is power”? It kinda holds truth. Money equals security and stability in most cases and is quite necessary. A woman who can make her own Benjamins is in control of both her finances and choices. That screams power in my opinion. Do not jump the gun and think chivalry is not needed though, because it is completely necessary. Although the facts are that men still make more money than women in society due to sexism,  a woman working for hers is a sight to see. Get it how you live it!
  4. Obligations - We should all have ‘em! Whether it’s your job, school, children to take care of or bills to pay, obligations are super relevant. Now I am going to be a bit radical and say that females will always feel the pressure of obligations a bit more. To be a wife and mother in a traditional home setting must be exhausting. I’ve played mommy, chef, maid, and teacher amongst other things countless times while babysitting *Hey Jordan and Mason! :)* and I must say it is a full time gig. It is embedded in a woman’s nature to be the nurturer. So while we love to put on our BOSS hats and get busy professionally, there also lies the obligation to keep the family grounded. Kudos to the working moms out there, both single and married! That is not to say males cannot do it too, by all means, let’s trade places sometimes ;) Disclaimer: I am a 21 year old college student without any children lol. Anywho! Obligations, a woman with them is powerful. That woman working for her degree(s), paying those bills, taking care of her child(ren), and/or staying on top of her game- salute her.
  5. Optimism - Happy people! Now this may sound so far fetched, but I think an optimistic woman is like really important. The fact is, life throws us curve balls daily. There are simply some things in life that we cannot control, and that is perfectly ok. You know those bitter women who may have things going left in life and decide to bash everyone and everything? The truth is, they may have let certain circumstances get the best of them and mustered up toxic energy. Some people are just toxic. A woman in power does not let the unfortunate events of life get her down. She gets back up, adjusts her crown, and moves forward. That is the kind of woman that can find the positive in any situation, you need that. We’re all human and are entitled to our feelings, but emotions are a state of mind. With that said, a woman who can see the good is beneficial to herself and others- powerful. 

The fact of the matter is women are not only powerful because of their honey pots, we have so much more to offer. Don’t be that guy who walks around thinking women are only good for one thing. We’re not. And don’t be that woman walking around thinking your goods run the world. They don’t. 

Respect yourself. Respect women.

- Jah

Self-Love Guide

Namaste peeps! 

It’s been a while, but I am growing weary of the pointless Instagram and Facebook ignorance. I’ve decided to come on here and spill some of my heart out instead. 

Anyway, I think it’s important that I share my guide to self-love for those interested. So! Grab your ice cream (or gelato for the bourgeois), and dig this..

I think it’s safe to say that I was always that chick that had to be in a relationship. Consequently, a lot of my relationships failed miserably. In fact, it took me about eight years to realize that I had no idea how to love and be loved correctly.

Firstly, I started relationships WAY too early. At first, it was innocent crushes such as wanting my crush to chase me around the schoolyard or tap my finger during “7UP” But then teenage years kicked in.. 

My first real relationship was at 13. I went through it all from pressing chicks to crying to sleep with “Breakdown” by Mariah Carey on repeat all because I thought I was in love. My mistake? I was too young to even figure myself out! I couldn’t tell you what I wanted to do in life, I was depending on foreign labels to make me happy, and I never saw an example of how a man should treat a woman correctly outside of Disney movies. The point is, I was stuck in my “young and dumb” phase unconsciously.

This “puppy love” relationship facade went on and off for about six years. In between then, I was taking breaks jumping into other relationships to keep me occupied. Mistake number 2! I was blindly pulling other guys into my complex mess of emotions and spontaneity. All to go to back to same boy who never grew up from our “13 year old phase”. Ladies, comfort is not fate. Who was I to run around stabbing hearts because mine wasn’t put together in the first place?

Oh, but in the midst of things, something great happened.. I went au natural!! One disaster in 2010 with relaxers and dyes led me to stop chemically processing my hair, wayyyy before I knew a movement existed. In 2013, I couldn’t help but notice the lack of natural hair on my predominately white college campus. The light found me and before I knew it, I was an Africana studies major. I was able to piece together my insecurities from high school. I realized that I had disguised my lost soul with designer brands and hissed with hate anytime my hair got the slightest little poof to it. Fast forward back to college, the natural hair journey took me on my self-love journey. 

I was content with walking to my classes with an afro and enlightening my people of our worth and struggle. My standards of men raised, I did not tolerate any man who could not appreciate the natural beauty of a black woman. There was a certain respect that the fro demanded, like "I don’t want any jive turkey suckas in my face", amazing turning point. Do not depend on society to tell you what beauty is. Society is robotic, biased, and complete bullshit.. but you already knew that. 

I also took some time to be alone. I have been single for over a year now and it has been my best decision yet! I felt liberated and free to explore my own mind before sharing it with someone else. My vision became clearer in terms of my goals and passions in life. I was able to figure out what I wanted in a man and primarily, myself. Being single and happy showed me that I was content with my own company, and that is key. I do not need a man to complete me, but to compliment me. 

So ladies, in short my advice to get to self love is this:

- Remind yourself that you are beautiful in any state you are in (head tie, afro, bald, and all)

- Spend adequate time alone to know yourself

- Do not depend on a man for happiness and/or validation

Hope this helps! Now back to my evolving =]

- Jah. 


Junius Stinney was the youngest person in America to be executed on death row in 1944 at age 14. He was quickly accused by the (white police) of ‘killing’ two little (white girls) with lack of evidence. His conviction and sentencing opened and closed in one day. There were no witnesses called and there was no transcript of the trial details and black people were not allowed inside the courtroom during that time.
[I always repost this because i don’t want anyone to forget about him!]


Junius Stinney was the youngest person in America to be executed on death row in 1944 at age 14. He was quickly accused by the (white police) of ‘killing’ two little (white girls) with lack of evidence. His conviction and sentencing opened and closed in one day. There were no witnesses called and there was no transcript of the trial details and black people were not allowed inside the courtroom during that time.

[I always repost this because i don’t want anyone to forget about him!]